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Connecting with local producers

Directly connecting consumers with local food producers benefits everyone. Fewer middlemen means fresh food, better prices, strong local economies, a healthier environment and a healthier you.

While Australia is full of amazing producers with incredible food on offer, finding them isn't always easy.

We're building a platform to make connecting with nearby producers as simple as possible.

Browse your local area to see what's available or find something nearby next time you're away.

Getting involved with local food

Buying direct supports Australian farmers and small food businesses, helps create local jobs and strengthens local economies. If you're a producer, getting your business listed is easy.

There's a lot of exciting stuff in the pipeline so check back regularly to see what's new.

Better yet, to always stay up to date with news, as well as offers and competitions, connect with us!

We're always exploring ways to help Australian producers connect with their community. As food lovers ourselves, we're also on the look out amazing new Australian producers.